5 Hotels In Turkey That Serve The Best Mediterranean Food

Turkey is among the top destinations in Europe you can visit for a breathtaking holiday. But then, it shall always be a one-of-the-kind holiday there if you know a good hotel where you can buy delicious Mediterranean food to spice it up.

Talking of Mediterranean food in Turkey- Is “beyond the ordinary mouth-watering Mediterranean specials” such as the falafel, gyrus and hummus among the list of eateries you would love to explore? DO you want to taste some of the foods that got selected by Boston Globe’s 12 best Subs such as the “Ayvalik Totsu Panini”? Well then would you appreciate to know the best hotels there which serve the unrivaled kinds of these meals?

If you answered YES to all these questions, then you have all the reasons to continue reading.

Moevenpick Hotel, Istanbul

Moevenpick hotel is located in the city center of Istanbul, Turkey. It takes a few minutes of a quick 14.7km’s drive from Istanbul main airport to arrive at this magnificent hotel. You shall get served in clean spacious rooms overlooking the busy Istanbul city. There is a wide variety of great variety of Mediterranean cuisine to select from the long listed menu. The best meal here is the delicious kofte which is served with pita bread, special rice, salad and hummus.

Kempinski Hotel, Barbaros Bay

Kempinski is located really close to the bustling Bodrum in a warm and beautiful setting of Barbaros bay. This hotel is the epitome luxury, no doubt about that, it received the Conde Nast Excellent Destination Hotel Award 2013. Like most of the things in Barbaros Bay, the food here is seriously good. You shall be served with freshly prepared Mediterranean food with optional recipe touches from Asian to Italian, at the beach-front dining spot.

Hotel Aphrodite, Bozburun

When you take a break and go for holiday in Bozburun, Turkey, make sure to go to Hotel Aphrodite for lunch, breakfast and even dinner. They have serve really enticing sea food in a shady wood decking between a shallow seafront and heavy bushes of grape vines and fig trees. This hotel in the sea side of Bozburun is known for its hand crafted gulet boats and a beautiful parent-friendly lounges.

Oreo Hotel, Kas

If you want the best falafel on this side of turkey, this is the hotel to visit. Alongside many other foods, you shall find Baba ganoush and Sigar Boregi, a Turkish cigar shaped pastry. Free break-fast is free in this hotel for tourists who book beds to sleep. It is situated in Kas’ beautiful beach surrounded in the back with tall exotic trees and cool sea water in the front where families can have fun with the friendly games there.

Turan Hill Lounge, Kabak Valley

Turan Hill Lounge is located some 16Kms south of Oludeniz beach, the famous one in Turkey. Do you anticipate a thinly cut Doner Meat served with Turkish tomato sauce over pita bread topped with melted butter? You shall find all that here, plus other kinds of foods like feta cheese and pyllo dough.

Other vegetarian foods with vegan recipe varieties such as Baba ganoush can be found here as well. So get a Turkey visa application form, fill it, apply and enjoy your holiday in Turkey.

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