Easy, quick Chinese Aromatic Duck with pancakes (cheat)

OK so this is not the Peking crispy duck you will get in Chinatown from one of those restaurants with whole ducks hanging in the window, the ones that have been steamed, marinated and fried and have taken two days of preparation to get to your plate, But its damn good and as close as your going to get on a Tuesday night when you fancy something flavorsome and out of the ordinary.

Also unless you have a Chinese supermarket nearby a lot of the ingredients can be hard to find, for example the pancakes, here I substitute the pancakes with more easily available tortillas, it can also work with small pitta bread, but if you are lucky enough to have a shop nearby that sells the original pancakes, then all the better.

Actually the secret of this recipe, and the star of the show is the sauce. I can remember the first time I had Peking crispy duck and pancakes in a restaurant in Gerrard Street in London, the waitress taught us how to make the pancakes and after tasting the sauce I had to call her over and ask what it was, for years I have experimented mixing Hoisin and Plum Sauces together, but never actually perfected that first taste until I tried the Gressingham’s version.

So, as a Chinese starter that will impress the most foodie of foodies, and knocked up in no time this recipe and the sauce is a must have weapon in the cupboard.

Chinese Duck & Pancakes
Chinese Duck & Pancakes Recipe

Duck (legs or breast or even a whole duck if your feeding the masses)
Chinese 5 spice
Spring Onions
Gressingham Plum & Hoisin sauce.

Duck & Pancakes
Duck & Pancakes


Depending on what Duck you are using prick the duck and season with the 5 spice, If using breast pan fry and then roast, if using legs or a jointed whole duck simply roast.
For the last 5 minutes turn the oven to full grill and crisp off the skin.

Slice the cucumber and spring onion into even strips, and microwave the fajitas (or if you are lucky enough to have the real mccoy – steam the Chinese pancakes.

Shred the duck and serve with the sauce.

Crispy Aromatic Duck & Pancakes
Crispy Aromatic Duck & Pancakes

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